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Intellectual Property Due Diligence Audits


Intellectual property (IP) form a part of the intangible assets of you business. This often includes copyrights, trademarks and patents that your business has created over time. An intellectual property audit involves a systematic review of what IP your businesses owns, where they are located and what is their value.

Length and Scope of the Audit

1. Determine the relative importance of the Intellectual Property (the “IP”) in the overall transaction and to goals to be achieved by the audit.

2. Identify and locate all the relevant IP assets that are material to the transaction.

3. Has the business obtained or secured all rights and authorisation to manufacture and sell certain products without infringing?

4. Is the audit only the “Australian Portion” of an international transaction?

5. Will there be onsite interviews, with business and/or technical people or simply questionnaires?

6. Will the audit be multi-site?

7. You will need to highlight the differences, real and potential, whether the proposed transaction is an asset or a shore transaction, a merger or a joint venture, etc.

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